FAQs – General Counsel Services

  • When would a company benefit from your general counsel services?

    Many small to mid-size businesses do not have an inside General Counsel, and therefore rely exclusively on outside law firms. In so doing, they often incur large fees. Many of these costs can be reduced by using my general counsel services, as I can screen all legal matters to determine which ones I will address and which ones need to be handled by others.

    If you are not having any of your business activities or transactions reviewed by attorneys, then you may be exposing your business to significant risks. Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize this until they have already had something happen to alert them to the risks. As part of my general counsel services, I would identify and address these risks in a proactive manner.

  • What general counsel services will you provide to our company?

    As your general counsel service provider, I would ensure that all your business agreements and other legal matters are being handled in the most efficient and effective way possible. After screening the matters, I would determine which are suitable for me to handle, and which need to be handled by outside counsel. For firms that are currently having few matters reviewed by an attorney, this approach would help you lower your legal risk exposure. For firms who rely exclusively on outside counsel, this would ensure that your business is protected without incurring unnecessary costs.

    While serving as your general counsel services provider, I can also deliver any commercial contracts and corporate compliance services that you may need.

    To see a list of my business contract services, please visit the Commercial Contracts page.
    To see a list of my compliance services, please visit the Corporate Compliance page.

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