Are your business contracts sufficiently protecting your interests?


A commercial contract is a legally binding agreement between parties which obligates them to do or not do certain things.  Whether written or oral, formal or informal, most businesses use commercial contracts to ensure that the terms of their agreements are clearly described.

Many businesses today have the added challenge of trying to negotiate and navigate business contracts in an ever-changing environment.  If you don’t have in-house counsel, ensuring that your interests are protected is often difficult and frustrating.  Instead of spending your valuable time on contract details, an experienced contract attorney can handle them for you.  From the beginning, I will assist in making the contract clear and understandable as well as making sure that your objectives are met.  When reviewing the contract, I can explain any potential risks and liabilities, as well as any concepts or terms that you are unfamiliar with.  I will also confirm with you that you are able to meet all contractual commitments, and work with you to avoid breaches as well as deal with any breaches that might occur.

Here are examples of the kinds of business contracts that I can assist you with:

  • Production and logistics agreements:
    • Distribution agreements
    • Equipment purchase and lease agreements
    • External manufacturing agreements
    • Warehouse agreements
    • Transportation service agreements
  • Consulting contracts and other outside contractor agreements
  • Marketing services agreements:
    • Public relations agreements
    • Marketing research agreements
  • Letters of intent
  • Software licensing agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Any other contracts involving the purchase of products and services
  • Any other contracts involving the sale of products and services

To learn more about commercial contracts, visit the FAQs page or contact me directly.