How can general counsel services benefit your company?

iStock_gen-counsel-000013364788_Medium2A General Counsel is an attorney who oversees your business’ legal needs. If you do not currently employ a General Counsel on your staff, I can fill the void for you by providing these services. In addition to providing commercial contracts and corporate compliance services, I can evaluate legal matters for proper handling, coordinate with other outside counsel to reduce overall legal fees, and handle other sensitive company matters. Depending on your needs, I can assist you for a few hours per month, or I can work as part of your team every week.

Three Ways Your General Counsel Service Provider Can Assist You:

1. By understanding your business and how the law applies to it

I will take the time to fully understand your business, incorporating your key business objectives into the plan to manage your legal risks. Only when you have confidence that your business attorney has these considerations in mind can you be comfortable that your legal interests are well protected.

2. By working proactively to address and manage potential legal issues 

Don’t wait until a legal crisis occurs. If you deal with known legal issues (including compliance matters) proactively, you can head off avoidable legal troubles and minimize your exposure when something arises unexpectedly. By including general counsel services as part of your proactive business planning – potentially implementing new policies or procedures, contract templates, or other measures – you can save money and minimize the risk of a legal crisis in advance.

3. By efficiently managing your legal resources

By using general counsel services in the early stages of your business’ key strategic initiatives, you will be better able to identify legal risks and challenges early on so that they can be addressed effectively at the planning stage. Without this participation, you may squander valuable resources on an unproductive path due to unforeseen legal obstacles. In some cases, other outside counsel may need to be involved to provide specific expertise, and I can help ensure that the appropriate attorney is addressing the issue.

To learn more about general counsel services, visit the FAQs page or contact me directly.